Gradcast in San Francisco: Success at AACC

The President (Mike Mayberry) and Director of Business Development (B. W. Brooks) were in San Francisco for the American Association of Community Colleges convention last week. The convention has over 1800 attendees from community colleges all over the nation consisting of Chancellors, presidents, vice presidents, deans, department heads and instructors.

This was the first time “” was introduced to the administrators of community colleges and it was an overwhelming success. The colleges were impressed with the program because they could see that it would be a big help to those new graduates in career tech programs like Medical Assisting, HVAC, Practical Nursing, Dental assistant / Hygienist, Electrical, Medical Billing and Coding, and many other fields for those students training to go into the work force after graduating.

Many schools were amazed that the core program was free and that the student distribution charge was only .39 cents per delivery, the president of one college commented “That’s cheaper than a stamp and a thousand times faster”. The colleges were truly impressed about the automatic employment verification feature the program has built into it, saying that that information was going to be super-important in the future of funding for community college systems.

Mike Mayberry explained to some of the college system presidents about the business model that Dallas County Community College District was discussing with about using Perkins Grant money to fund each of the students account upon graduating. This model would allow them to send out 100 resumes for free to all the potential employers in any geographic area on our proprietary direct-hire industry specific databases. Jeffrey Parks the Dean of Industrial and applied technology at the San Jacinto College District was so impressed that he invited to Houston for a demonstration with all the Deans in the system.

Most of the attendees that came by the booth realized that in Today’s competitive job market a system such as which lets the student pro-actively market themselves with a few clicks is the way of the future.


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