Henry O, a graduate of the HVAC program at Lincoln College of technology in Grand Prairie was hired using Gradcast!

Henry studied under Master HVAC technician Rick Ehrhardt in the HVAC Program At Lincoln College in Grand Prairie. While in class Gradcast representatives stopped by and did a focus group demonstration about the program with the students in the class to get their opinion of Gradcast.com. After Graduating on May 21st, Henry decided to give […]

Sites offer free templates and general info on writing a resume for anyone looking for a job

In my experience, writing, rewriting and reviewing resumes, I have found that a number of very skilled individuals often do not have typical resumes. This may be a direct result of many years of services within one company, or prior positions that simply didn’t require a resume. Sometimes technical, military or public service individuals follow […]

Land Your Dream Job By Honing Your Resume Writing Skills

Gradcast would like to help you find the perfect job, but this can rarely be done without the perfect resume. So today we would like to offer advice regarding resume writing. According to About.Com there are three types of resumes chronological  functional, and combination. However any resume, no matter the format, is not complete without the following: Contact […]

Interviewing Tips and Trends: It May No Longer Be All About Yourself

Is it possible that the interviewing tips job-seekers have been using for decades are now outdated? Even though the “Me” decade might have been considered the crux of the 1970s when the economy was also on a downturn, many people since then have adhered to the interview concept of boasting about personal credentials. But according […]