Dental Assistants- Do You Want to Love Your Job?

The days of the white-collared, starched hat nurses in the dental office are gone. These ladies have been replaced by tech-savvy, upbeat assistants who work as a team to accomplish patient services with a minimized number of steps. Do you have the latest info on the job market for dental assistants?

Dentists are realizing that efficiency and cross-training employees improves patient satisfaction and outcomes. The service scenarios take several forms:

Tag Team Desk Work

Each dental technician is their own scheduler, greeter, technician, and check out- they follow the patient from entry to departure so that there is continuity of service and a comprehensive relationship is formed with the patient. This works especially well with pediatric or special needs patients who thrive on familiarity.

Rotational Meet and Greet

Staff rotates through the office either daily or in blocks of time so that each is able to handle the desk with the same efficiency and skill as they do as technicians. In this format there is never a loss of desk time due to illness or vacation as everyone is cross-trained to handle tasks.


In larger offices a tag-team scenario can be very effective. One team member handles the data-entry, plan progression, and scheduling while the other is responsible for the dental technician tasks. Partnering can effectively manage two tasks at one time, reducing the time the patient spends in the office.

How is this transitional office structure possible?

The implementation of digital technology requires the use of wireless technology, interfacing, and integration. Whether the dental practice owner chooses to use existing desktop systems or a full line of portable tablets, a skilled dental assistant will be able to assist with referrals, appointments, or instructions for the patient.

What direction will your career take in advancing to the digital age of dentistry? Partnering with a company that will help you build your skills based on your goals is an important step in maximizing your educational investment. Look for a company that will listen to and respect your needs, allow you time to learn the ropes, and will continue to support you as a team player.

We invite you to contact us– we will provide you with more potential employers, faster than ever before!

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