What You Don’t Want to do During an Interview

Knowing what to not do during an interview might just make the difference in whether or not you get that job! Having the experience and background necessary for a position is important of course, but how you present yourself is also incredibly important. Here on some tips on what to avoid doing and saying at your interview! […]

What Employers Specifically Look for During an Interview

Many articles focus on what you need to do to prepare, ace and what to wear for the interview.  Employers, on the other hand, have one goal in mind:  to find the right employee.  As many interviewees will mention, training for the interview is not the same as being in one.  It’s hard to read […]

The Fine Art of Quitting

Twenty-five year old Marina Shifrin quit her job recently. For Ms. Shifrin, a former of employee of Taiwanese animation company Next Media Generation, the traditional process of separation that includes a polite letter of resignation apparently failed to fit the bill. Instead, Ms. Shifrin sent a very powerful message to her employer — and to the world.  […]