What Employers Specifically Look for During an Interview

jobinterviewMany articles focus on what you need to do to prepare, ace and what to wear for the interview.  Employers, on the other hand, have one goal in mind:  to find the right employee.  As many interviewees will mention, training for the interview is not the same as being in one.  It’s hard to read an employer’s mind, but there are basics to follow.  Your chances of landing the job increase when you look at it from their perspective.

What employers look for during an interview?  Qualifications, competence and skill set are only the beginning.  If these two aren’t up to standard, there would be no interview in the first place.  Employers go beyond this and look at the candidate’s personality, professionalism and preference.

  • The employer is deciding if this person is someone we want to work with. Drive motivation, integrity, intelligence, responsibility, creativity, confidence, initiative, work ethic, leadership and communication/listening skills is something only the   interviewer can bring to the table.  No resume can make up for this.  Show these qualities in the interview to stand out from the competition.
  • They are taking a chance to  see if this person can mesh with the team. Being a team player is a must, because there are many jobs where working with people pushes the company forward.  They don’t know if this can be found in an interview, but the interview will give them a good idea.  The winning candidate will get along with co-workers, management and customers.
  • Teamwork is about problem-solving, and being a problem-solver is a quality we must possess.  Interviewers will test problem-solving skills through interview questions.  Be prepared to discuss the situation in detail and the achievement that happened as a result.
  • Employers are looking for long-term workers. Don’t give them the idea that this is temporary until something new comes along (which can easily be interpreted through interview questions).  Let them know this job is for the long haul.
  • Credibility is on the line  when employers are interviewing people.  As the interview rolls along  they are wondering if the reputation offered through resumes and connections live up to the hype.  Every answer can offend the interviewer, be misinterpreted or ruin your reputation. Maintain excellence, good behavior and conduct, and never add anything more than      the questions asked.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; this is what employers think.  To get ahead of the curve, interviewers must know what the curve is and how to step it up.  Use the contacts available to score an interview and get the job.  Contact us for more information.

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