Before Getting a Job in the Technical Industry, Fix Your Virtual Life

Employers spend a lot of time and money to hire the right workers. They typically like to look beyond your resume and cover letter to decide whether to bring you in for an interview. Many check what you’ve been doing online to see if you fit in with their corporate culture. So before even think of getting a job in the technical industry, fix your virtual life as follows:

  • Go through your Facebook, Tumblr, and other social media pages and delete any messages or pictures that employers can misinterpret. Pictures of your drunken escapades may amuse your friends but they wave red flags to your future bosses. Don’t just set such postings to “Friends Only” because your interviewer may ask you to friend them.
  • Browse any resumes or employment histories that you’ve posted online, such as through LinkedIn, and make sure that all the information there matches what you put in your resume. Pay particular attention to names, dates, and salaries. Any differences may show that you’re either careless with detail or trying to lie about your past.
  • Perform a Google Search on your name to see what others have written about you. Don’t forget to specify the Images, Videos, News, and Blogs options. If you find anything unflattering about you, politely ask the website owner to take it down. If necessary, explain that you’re job hunting and want to present your best side to potential employers. If he or she won’t comply, be prepared to explain the posting during the interviewer.

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