5 Things to Never Say in an Interview

You did it! You landed that all important interview. This means that your potential new employer liked what they saw on your application, and would like to get to know you a bit better. After all, they wouldn’t have called you had you not impressed them. So if you want to continue to impress them, it’s important to know what to not do during an interview.

Here’s five things you should never say:

“This job is actually my number two choice.”

Interview over. No, really, most people giving an interview never want to hear that they are playing second fiddle to a better choice in your mind. Even if they are your second choice, avoid ever saying that they are. Think of like a dating, you’d never say that to someone if you ever wanted to see them again.

“I’m so sorry that I’m late.”

You can guarantee that will be the first and and last thing you say in a lot of situations. When companies schedule interviews, they often do it all on the same day, broken into intervals. This leaves little time for error on the interviewees part. Besides that, being late to your interview is a tell tale sign of how you’ll be if you were hired. Set aside extra time for yourself come interview day. Never be late.

“I don’t know much about your company.”

Potential employers loves to hear that you applied for a reason. They want to know that you want the job. Saying something like this tells them there is someone better. Spend about 15 minutes researching their company on the internet before the interview, a little will go a long way.

“My boss was horrible.”

Never say anything bad about your old job or boss. Saying you had a problem with an ex-boss tells the interviewer that you may have problems with the new boss. Try to stay as positive as you can throughout. Of course, sometimes you might be asked about it, in that case, don’t lie. Be honest, just don’t drag anyone’s name through the mud. There are nice ways to talk about bad situations.

“Sorry, I’m a little hungover.”

This goes without saying. Don’t ever say that you drank too much the night before. It shows a lack of responsibility on your part, and will send up a red flag.

The bottom line is, think before you speak. Don’t let your nerves (or your mouth) get the best of you. An interview is a field of landmines, learn to avoid them and you’ll be much more impressive to the recruiter.

For more information on landing a job, resume writing, and interviewing contact us any time.

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