3 Tips to a Great Interview

So, you put in the work, your resume and application have been accepted and you have been contacted for an interview! Excellent! But what do you do from here? Read up on these three tips to a great interview to learn more about what you should, and should not, do to score that new job.

  1. Research the company. It is very common for a hiring manager to inquire as to why you want a job or what it is that made you apply to a company. Well, the obvious reason is that you need money to pay bills and the manager will already know this. But what else drew you to this job? Do some research on the company you have applied for to get a better idea about their ideals, goals, history, and service/product. That way, when asked about why you want the job or what you like about the company you can pull some key points from your research. Not only are you showing that you took the time to really consider where you were applying, but it also shows initiative as well.
  2. Prepare your answers.Companies tend to ask tough or complicated questions during interviews that you need to be prepared for. This isn’t necessarily intended to trip you up, but usually to learn more about what type of person you are. Once the interview has been scheduled go over your answers to questions like “What’s you biggest weakness” and “Tell me about a time you have a problem with a customer” so when the time comes you aren’t thrown off and can focus on your positive attributes.
  3. Ask questions of your own.When the time comes and the manager asks whether you have any questions, always say yes. Just be careful what you ask. The right questions show that you are genuinely interested in the job, and the wrong questions can cost you the interview. Avoid asking what the pay rate is if it isn’t already mentioned or what kind of vacation time is given. You do want to ask something like what the company looks for in a new hire that will make them successful in this role.

Once you have completed the interview, be sure to follow up with them either on the phone or through a well-worded email to thank them for taking the time to talk to you and reminding them that you are interested and available.

For more information on interviews and getting a job, contact us.

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