A Proofreading Service is a Must for Self-Marketing

A professional looking social media site, website, or document isn’t complete without proofreading.  Placing documents online is going to catch a lot of eyes, and these eyes are going to spot any grammar or spelling mistakes on the site.  Bad English composition is going to ruin strategies involving Marketing yourself, social network, to find a job and professional reputation.  It shows that if you can’t spell then you don’t have the skill to correct me.  With so many competitors out there you can’t afford to slip up. Branding

A professional writing service such as proofreading is very important for good web content.  Gather a list of proofreading services and narrow the choices down to one based on the following:

Their website:  No one should offer proofreading services if their website is full of errors.  The nerve!

Testimonials:  Take this with a grain of salt as testimonials are misleading, slandered and made up out of thin air.  Other sites don’t have testimonials.  However, it wouldn’t hurt to look at them.  Find out of these testimonials are true by asking the company to contact them as a reference.

Services:  Proofreading services are good at a certain thing such as academic documents, legal, business and novels.  Others are a jack-of-all-trades.  Find the service that relates to the kind of writing you have.

Customer service:  How fast do they proofread the document?  It should be a few days at the most.  During that period of time customer service should be front and center making your business feel good from beginning to end.  They should assist with anything required from you and be flexible with the business.  There should also be a guarantee about their product.

False claims:  If anything is too good to be true, it usually is.

Price:  This is last on the list for a reason.  Eliminating a service based on price isn’t the best thing to do because we use price as the only factor that matters.  It isn’t hence why it should be last.  Price is going to be the deciding factor.  We can only spend what we can afford and it’s the expensive ones that usually bite the dust.  Here’s a suggestion; eliminate the lowest and highest priced ones and choose one of the remaining companies.  Make sure the service chosen told you the cost (and fees) upfront.

Businesses need to understand how important it is to find a proofreading service.  This is crucial as users are diligent and persistent in their research.  Proofreading services are great for meeting presentations, landing a key client or handing out information to employees.



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