Reasons Employers will not tell you why they didn’t hire you

We often hear of common reasons why we don’t get the job, yet we never hear it from the employer’s mouth.  No job interviewer will ever tell potential candidates why someone else was chosen.  It’s easy to ask them why, but is the answer true or something to make you feel better?  The Reasons Employers will […]

Nobody Will Hire Me…What am I Doing Wrong?

top reasons why companies won’t hire you?  A magic formula that you can address, apply to yourself and reverse your fortune? Okay, yes, every hiring decision may be different in some way. And, no, there may not be any actual list of reasons for not hiring a person that the head of Human Resources can check […]

Remain Positive During Periods of Unemployment

Looking for work when you are unemployed is a cycle everyone goes through.  Whether you are Finding your first Job, been unemployed for a while, or suddenly lost your job, there is no substitute…we must stay positive.  However, it is tough to stay positive when there is so much negative energy surrounding you.  If you […]