Remain Positive During Periods of Unemployment

unemploymentLooking for work when you are unemployed is a cycle everyone goes through.  Whether you are Finding your first Job, been unemployed for a while, or suddenly lost your job, there is no substitute…we must stay positive.  However, it is tough to stay positive when there is so much negative energy surrounding you.  If you give in to the negative energy, you have guaranteed yourself that you will not find a job. With positive thoughts, you give yourself a fighting chance.  But how do you stay positive when you don’t have a job?

Start Each Day Positive

Turn that frown upside down by going to bed and waking up with a positive attitude.  An open mind is necessary to make sound decisions when applying for a job. Finding a job is a job, so have the work attitude game face on.  Plan your day like you are going to work, even if you are just searching for a job.

Tune Out Negative Energy

Negative energy will not help you find a job.  So surround yourself with positive people and resist the cynics.  Cynics can include your immediate family, extended family, significant other, friends and you.  Yes, your doubts and fears must be silenced along with any other internal issues such as job rejection and job loss.

One way to do that is to let it out.  Call people who will let you be their sounding board and complain.  Another strategy is to write down your melancholy on a piece of paper and then tear it up.

Give it a Rest

The answer to the above headline would go something like “I can’t,” or “No way,” but allowing yourself to rest from job searching for one day might actually do some good.  It will give you time to analyze your job search by stepping out of the situation and coming back into it with a clear and focused mind.  You are able to see what’s wrong with the current job search strategy or the job interview and rework it.

Do Something Else

  • Activities

Get your mind away from all the stress clouding your brain and focus on some activities you enjoy doing.  Paint, read a book, get a massage, take a bubble bath, write, listen to music, get out of the house and take a walk — do anything that gets your mind and body off the job search.  By doing these activities, they can bring peace and happiness to yourself and give you a sense of tranquil and serenity.

  • Expand Your Search

If the job you’re looking for isn’t getting you anywhere, try expanding your horizons by applying to other jobs.  If there are any hobbies you enjoy, see if you can make some money doing it.  Also apply to jobs that you probably wouldn’t apply for given the choice.  Expanding your search can open doors to jobs that may have what you are looking for; it can also give you an even better job you never thought would be possible.

Another way to expand the search is to try different ideas of scoring a job. Go to job fairs, apply for internships, use social media, go to networking events and look online for work at home opportunities.

  • Take a Lower Paying Job

This may be beneath you or your standards, but when the bills keep coming and pile up, you got to make a choice.  Choose to take a lower paying job while continuing to do the job search.  While this temporary fix may not be the job of your dreams, at least the stress of looking for a job and paying the bills is off your shoulders to a degree.

These are positive ways to press on in through the job market. So don’t let unenthusiastic pressure get to you; be strong, patient, and absolute. Your positive outlook will help you obtain the goal of getting your dream job. For more information contact us.

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