Nobody Will Hire Me…What am I Doing Wrong?

Interview-Questionstop reasons why companies won’t hire you?  A magic formula that you can address, apply to yourself and reverse your fortune? Okay, yes, every hiring decision may be different in some way. And, no, there may not be any actual list of reasons for not hiring a person that the head of Human Resources can check their way through. That said, if you can make your way through the following list of reasons why a company might not hire you and discover that you have made most of these mistakes, you may be looking at a magic formula for future success.

  • Cover Letter Typos

Have the jobs you’ve been applying for asked for a cover letter with your resume? Look over the cover letter again and this time pay special attention to spelling. Misspelled words, missing words, grammatical mistakes and other errors have the power to indicate to employees that you are careless, sloppy, inattentive to detail and unprofessional.

  • Job-Hopping

A resume packed with job experience that indicates you are a versatile worker with broad experience in a number of different jobs can be a powerful tool for selling yourself. Or it can be a signal to companies that won’t hire you. Too many jobs over too short a time period can brand you as undependable, disloyal and even a difficult troublemaker who doesn’t work well with others.

  • Negative Attitude

Your resume may be perfect. Your talents, skills and abilities may be just what the company is looking for. And yet you still can’t land a job. It may be unfair and you almost certainly will view it that way, but one of the top reasons why companies won’t hire you may be your attitude. A positive attitude will always trump a negative attitude. Practice how you respond to job interview situations by filming yourself. Then review the video with some trust friends to determine if you are giving out negative vibes. You may be doing so without even realizing it.

  • A Bad Match

Another one of the top reasons why companies won’t hire you is one you are likely to hear and dismiss, but probably shouldn’t. You may in all truthfulness just not be what the company is looking for. Or maybe you would not be a good fit. If possible, go back and scrutinize very closely the written job description of the position for which you applied but were turned down. Were you really an appropriate choice for that position or were you just flying on an overly optimistic hope and a prayer?

  • Social Media is Killing You

You don’t have to provide links to your presence on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site for a company to find you. The bigger question is what can you do to make sure that when a company finds you they like what they see. Or, even more importantly, avoid a situation where they don’t like what they see. A great resume and killer interview is simply no match for a bunch of tweets about how you hate your job or a collection of photos on Facebook of you drunk out of your mind. If your social media presence is the portrait of a person you would never think of hiring if you owned the company, then that profile just may be at the very top of the list of reasons why companies won’t hire you.

For more tips on what to avoid when looking for a job, as well as what you can do to make yourself a more attractive candidate for hire, please Contact Us.

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