Stay Organized In The Job Hunt

If you are in the process of looking for employment, it’s helpful to remember where you applied.  You want to connect the dots when someone calls back for an interview.  It will certainly come in handy when you start sending out resumes and applying for job applications left and right.  It will also prevent applying to the same job twice. stay-organized

  1. Create a log of completed job positions.  Use a spreadsheet or word processing software to create the log.  Write down the job listing title and description, date applied, how you applied to the job, follow-ups and company address/contact information/website.  There are templates available for job seekers that have this information on it.  Just download it and fill in the blanks.  Add each job to the log.  Edit previous jobs that received a rejection letter/email/phone call or an interview call/email.  Google Docs and Zoho Docs are great for anyone that doesn’t have spreadsheet or word processing software on their computer.
  2. You can print a hard copy of the spreadsheet or document.  Save this in a binder, manila folder, manila envelope, briefcases and other filing accessories to remain organized.  You will be able to have a hard copy of the information in case something happens to the computer.
  3. Monster, Simply Hired, Dice, Indeed and CareerBuilder, even keeps track of jobs so you don’t have to.  Create a profile, add a resume (or Resume Writing from scratch) and search for jobs.  Use the profile to send your résumé to the job.  When you get a call back, go back to the profile and look at job history.
  4. Job seeker management tools are available for you.  These job websites will also keep track of jobs for you.  Some gather information from job posting sites like Monster and Dice into one place.  Others offer a platform for you to add information from scratch.  Some require a fee to use; others are free.  Jibberjobber, and IngBoo are great examples of job seeker management tools.


Everyone searching for a job needs to keep track of the job positions applied.  The most embarrassing thing that can happen is getting a call for an interview and not remembering anything about it.  Contact us for more information.

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