Five Interviewing tips for anyone looking for a job

If you are looking for a job, then you know what a difficult process it can be. Competition for open positions can be fierce so it is best to shine as brightly as you can to get noticed. One of the most important opportunities to sell yourself and your abilities to an employer is at the job interview. Here are five helpful Interviewing tips for anyone looking for a job.

1. Go early to the interview. Give yourself an extra ten or fifteen minutes. This is enough extra time to find the building if you are unfamiliar with the area, and showing up a bit before a job interview expresses your interest and a sense of responsibility. It is by far better to be early than to be late.

2. Research the position and the company before the interview. Knowing about the company will help you to sound informed about the industry you want to work in, and will give you some background information that may prove very useful.

3. Don’t ask about wages or salary during a first interview. It is common practice that you get a second interview or a job offer first, before being informed or negotiating about money.

4. Dress nicer than the job requires. If it’s a blue jean and t shirt job, you don’t need to wear an expensive suit to the interview. However, do dress up a bit. For a blue jean job, wear khaki’s and a nice shirt, or a skirt and blouse. Showing up to an interview clean and pressed shows respect and helps to makes a good first impression.

5. Think before you speak. When asked a question, give yourself time to consider what you want to say. A few seconds of silence while you gather your thoughts may seem long to you, but will seem fine to anyone interviewing you.

6. Be positive. If this is a job you want, then think, act and talk as if this position is a good fit for you and for the company. Don’t act arrogantly, but do your best to show your confidence in your abilities to perform the job above expectations.

For more help and ideas to make your job search a success, contact us.

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