Finding your first job: The Pep Talk

peptalkFinding a job is a big deal. You have to let people see you and, most uncomfortable of all, judge you.   Because of this, it is understandably crushing when a company that you really wanted to work for doesn’t call you back.

The lack of contact could be due to several reasons: a large pile of resumes to sort through, the position was filled when you applied, you didn’t follow the instructions completely, etc. Whatever the reason is, the rejection smarts. This feeling can be intensified if you are desperately in need of a job. Here is some general info/advice on finding your first job that will help you through these stressful times.

Make Contact

If you think the interview went well and that your credentials are a fit for the job, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to find out the status of the position.   That contact may be the nudge that the HR rep needs to motivate them toward a decision in your favor. A professional touch base shows confidence and a proactive nature if done well.

Make the Right Contacts

The HR person is providing a service for their company. They are tasked with vetting applicants and gathering preliminary data that is passed on to the person who has posted the position. Sometimes it is necessary to speak to someone who knows the position itself, especially if the HR rep becomes unresponsive. A conscientious reach out to that individual can make a world of difference.

Bounce Back

If you have a feeling that you aren’t receiving a response because things didn’t go as well as they could have, be honest about it and bounce back. Yes, it’s upsetting to lose out on a job that you think would have been a perfect fit for your skill set. It would frustrate anyone. The key to not letting it get you down is to rebound well. Don’t allow yourself to sink into despair – as the old adage goes, ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea.’ The perfect position for you is still out there, so lick your wounds and get back on the horse.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Every interaction is a learning opportunity. Think about what happened during the interview – your preparation ahead of time, your attire, your body language – and determine what you might have done differently. As long as you learn from mistakes you haven’t lost anything.

Finding a job is a process. Sometime you get lucky and the perfect position falls into your lap, but more often than not, you have to hone your interviewing skills and learn how to discuss your attributes to get the perfect placement. Learn what works, read body language, research potential employers, and be prepared.   The right job will come along before you know it.  Contact us to learn more!



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