Interviewing Tips: 5 Things to NOT Do With Job Interview Thank You Notes

Of all the Interviewing Tips that are out there, some of the most important ones relate to the employers perception of you as a prospective employee. Writing thank you notes after an interview may seem like a waste of time but the impression it can give the employer of you is crucial.  It can be a great way […]

Utilize Social Media in Your Job Search

The internet is the easiest way to job hunt.  Jobs are at your fingertips.  With a resume and cover letter, you can apply to many jobs through their preferred method.  Along with online job boards, social media provides an outlet for job searching.  Here’s how to Utilize social media in your job search. Facebook Facebook […]

Interviewing Tips: 6 Lessons from First Dates

There are many reasons why employers may not hire you even when you’re a model interviewee.  You’ve crafted a dynamite resume, practiced answering the toughest questions, and even wrote your thank you letter in advance to avoid procrastination.  So despite your high level of preparation, why hasn’t the employer called you to offer a job? […]