Utilize Social Media in Your Job Search

social-media-logosThe internet is the easiest way to job hunt.  Jobs are at your fingertips.  With a resume and cover letter, you can apply to many jobs through their preferred method.  Along with online job boards, social media provides an outlet for job searching.  Here’s how to Utilize social media in your job search.


Facebook is best for sharing information and chatting with friends.  With so many people using it around the world, you’re bound to learn something – including job opportunities.  During this time, the profile and everything you post must be in a professional manner.  With many companies looking to social media for employees, an explicit photo or derogatory language can ruin your chances of employment.  Regularly post updates about job interviews, job fairs and networking events in the mix with everything else you post.  Write a note explaining your unemployment status.  Press the like button on company pages so you can get the first crack at new job openings.


Twitter is best for providing instant information about any situation.  Finding information about employment is easy – if you follow the right people.  Follow job posting websites who have a twitter account, people you know, companies and people who have the same job interests and prospects as you.  Read their posts each day for job openings, job fairs and networking events.  In turn, you can respond to them about employment opportunities in private or let the world know about your situation on your twitter account.  Make sure your twitter profile is professional with a professional sounding handle.  Your name is a good example of professionalism.


This social media outlet is made for business professionals who wish to put their best foot forward.  Their online profile serves as a detailed online resume of historical data, achievements and online proof of their work ethic.  They have their own job board.  By choosing jobs, you can find jobs in your area not listed in other job boards.  You can contact the recruiter directly for more information.  You can also connect with other professionals.  They have insight as to what job openings are present, and many aren’t listed on job boards or LinkedIn.  They can get you up close and personal to hiring managers; just send them an email about your unemployment.  You can also connect to companies and groups for the latest job postings.

This valuable information works on Google+ and secondary sites like Pinterest, YouTube, Foursquare and Instagram.  As always don’t make every post about your situation; the users come first.  Exchange valuable information with others.  Maintain a professional presence on every website for the best chance of being hired.  Contact us for more information.




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