Blinn College speaks about

Kynsie Benefield spoke on behalf of at the request of’s Director of Business Development Bill Brooks during the TACTE Conference on April 5th 2017 at the Southpark Omni in Austin. Kynsie reported to the group of 200 plus Texas Career and Technical administrators and educators that the results from had resulted in a 60% percent response rate when tracking thier Completers and Graduates  employment data for the Fall 2016 graduating class. She also stated this was huge increase from thier normal 15 to 20% response rate they previously were able to get from the in-house labor intensive campaigns of calling, snail mail and Survey Monkey surveys. She went on to say that because is automated it allowed her to get other projects done because of the hundreds of hours saved by, active mobile communication to the alumni. Ms. Benefield also recounted her first experience using the system, she was able to send off the FERPA compliant template to Gradcast and forget about it about until she needed to pull it off the easy-to-use dashboard and she was pleasantly shocked at the response rate.

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