GradCast is the first system to truly streamline and automate the placement process for Community Colleges, Trade/Technical Schools and High School Career/Tech Centers across the United States.

With GradCast, schools can help their students/graduates by instantly sending their resume to virtually every single potential employer in your specific industry and geographic area, which includes the 80% of companies that aren’t publically advertising their open jobs.

GradCast allows schools to streamline the placement process by managing all of their employer relationships from just one system. They can add  existing employers and tap into our database of over 610,347 companies across the entire United States. Our staff continues to add new companies on a weekly basis helping Schools to build the largest network of potential employers to help their graduates find jobs

GradCast allows schools to automate much of the placement process, eliminating many of the manual tasks. Schools can instantly distribute any graduate’s resume to all potential employers with just a few clicks, anywhere in the United States or send out a Weekly Digest

They can also allow their graduates to distribute their own resumes to potential employers in the GradCast network, saving the career services staff countless man-hours.

GradCast allows Schools to easily track interviews and hires for each of their graduates through our integrated scheduler and tracking system. View upcoming interviews for all of the graduates at once or for each individual graduate. It allows them to track when they get hired, start date and starting pay.

Schools can also run reports quickly to view statistics on the placement process and export results to a csv file that can be imported into other systems.

Contact Bill Brooks for more information billb@myopenjobs.com

Gradcast Website


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