The Fine Art of Quitting

Twenty-five year old Marina Shifrin quit her job recently. For Ms. Shifrin, a former of employee of Taiwanese animation company Next Media Generation, the traditional process of separation that includes a polite letter of resignation apparently failed to fit the bill. Instead, Ms. Shifrin sent a very powerful message to her employer — and to the world.  […]

Making a Career Change | Sitting at the same old desk, working the same old job?

By Kyla Ross, Ashworth College If all you can think about is getting out of the dead-end job going straight down Nowhere Street, it may be time for a career change. While this may seem overwhelming, follow these 10 tips and you’ll keep your sanity. Make a decision already. Stop dragging your feet. If you’re […]

“Focus group at Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie”

Gradcast President, Mike Mayberry and Director of Business Development, B. W. Brooks stopped by Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie for an impromptu focus group during HVAC instructor Rick Ehrhardt’s day time HVAC class last Monday. The purpose of the visit was to get a first-hand reaction to’s self-service student portal which allows the students […]

Prepare Yourself for a Skilled Entry Level Job as an Auto Mechanic

If you’ve graduated—or are about to graduate—from high school and are interested in Skilled Entry-Level Jobs for Auto Mechanics (also known as auto service technicians), read on for information about this occupation including the job forecast, pay and how to obtain a job in the industry. General Information and Statistics The job of an auto […]

Finding Your First Job: Preparation Helps You Keep That Positive Mental Attitude

Finding your first job can be a stressful experience. Going into the entire process with an idea of what you might expect can help reduce some of the frustrations involved as well as help you maintain a positive mental attitude. Know your own strengths and weaknesses before you head to your first interview. Be honest […]