Resume Writing Style Choices to Highlight Strengths and Downplay Weaknesses

Effective resume writing is not some one-size-fits-all concept that affords the same experience to every person looking for a job regardless of experience, education or employment requirements. A variety of resume styles are available that can be exploited by those bringing specific strengths to the job hunt while downplaying specific weaknesses in your history. The corporate middle […]

10 Interviewing Tips for Anyone Looking for a job: Do It Right!

When preparing for an interview, it is important to know the company you are hoping to get a job with. Look them up online. Check out their profile on Linkedin. What are their values? Are they involved with community activities? If you show that you took the time to learn about them, they may feel […]

Interviewing Tips: 5 Things to NOT Do With Job Interview Thank You Notes

Of all the Interviewing Tips that are out there, some of the most important ones relate to the employers perception of you as a prospective employee. Writing thank you notes after an interview may seem like a waste of time but the impression it can give the employer of you is crucial.  It can be a great way […]

Interviewing Tips: 6 Lessons from First Dates

There are many reasons why employers may not hire you even when you’re a model interviewee.  You’ve crafted a dynamite resume, practiced answering the toughest questions, and even wrote your thank you letter in advance to avoid procrastination.  So despite your high level of preparation, why hasn’t the employer called you to offer a job? […]

After an Interview: Tips and Examples on How to Follow Up

During an interview, you promote yourself and your talents to a potential employer. But after the interview, you have even more chances to reinforce to the interviewer that you’re a great choice for the position.  Here are some tips and examples on how to follow up after an interview: First, make sure that you have the […]

Getting Ready: How to Prepare Yourself for an Amazing Interview

You did it. You pounded the pavement, pushed your resume into the hands of anyone who would take it, and called time and again to check on your application status. And you did it! Your hard work paid off, and you landed an interview. Now comes the tough part. You can feel the apprehension building […]