Job Tips on Blue Collar Industries: Switching Gears After Working in a White Collar Career

Finding job tips on blue collar industries used to be considerably different to how it works today. According to, you didn’t even need a resume several decades ago to apply for a blue collar job. All that was necessary then was listing what skills you had rather than needing to know everything you’d done […]

Renewable Energy Companies Rise and So Do Your Options

There has been a remarkable increase in the distributed renewable energy industry recently. Since 2005, millions of dollars have been spent on companies who promote and distribute renewable energy resources. If you are interested in skilled entry-level jobs for renewable energy, here is some valuable information about the field. Successful Development in the Green Industry Mateo Chaskel writes […]

Social Media Mistakes That Can Leave You Jobless

“Of 2,184 hiring managers recently surveyed by CareerBuilder, one-fifth said a candidate’s online profile helped them land a position. More often, though, it backfires: 43 percent said they found information that led them not to hire a candidate, up 9 percentage points from last year,” — Bloomberg Businessweek, June 27, 2013. College is a whirlwind of events […]

Transition from College to Workforce with Professionalism, Social Media and Follow-Up Skills

The transition from college to workforce can be a stressful experience when a graduate is expected to start a career as soon as possible. While finding the right job may not be possible in the short term, what can you do to make the immediate experience easier? Much of that starts in utilizing certain aspects […]

Department of Labor Job Market Statistics for Dental Assistants & Hygienists

The Job Market Statistics for Dental Assistants & Hygienists provided by the US Department of Labor indicate that employment of dental hygienists is expected to grow by 38 percent from 2010 to 2020 (much faster than average), while employment of dental assistants is expected to grow 31% during the same time period. Typically dental hygienists […]

“Focus group at Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie”

Gradcast President, Mike Mayberry and Director of Business Development, B. W. Brooks stopped by Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie for an impromptu focus group during HVAC instructor Rick Ehrhardt’s day time HVAC class last Monday. The purpose of the visit was to get a first-hand reaction to’s self-service student portal which allows the students […]

Gradcast will be in San Francisco for the AACC Convention

Gradcast will be in San Francisco April 20-23, 2013 for the American Association of Community Colleges. Make Sure you stop by our booth and talk with Bill or Mike! Visit Gradcast Website