Resume Writing Style Choices to Highlight Strengths and Downplay Weaknesses

Effective resume writing is not some one-size-fits-all concept that affords the same experience to every person looking for a job regardless of experience, education or employment requirements. A variety of resume styles are available that can be exploited by those bringing specific strengths to the job hunt while downplaying specific weaknesses in your history. The corporate middle […]

Resume Writing, how some small changes can get you that new job

Your resume is more often than not your first introduction to a potential employer. So getting resume writing right is of vital importance in order to enhance your likelihood of getting to the interview stage and, hopefully, get a job offer. Along those lines, U.S. News has six suggestions that could really enhance the impact […]

Resume Writing: Listing Achievements Rather than Responsibilities

Daily Writing Tips has a pretty good series of suggestions on resume writing. Let’s focus on item 13, “Achievements instead of responsibilities.” Many people when listing what their roles were at previous places of employment will simply list what their job titles and maybe a brief sentence of their responsibilities. For example: Programmer/Analyst with responsibility […]

5 Reference Errors you can’t Afford to Make

Crafting the perfect resume is crucial to job success. Not only is it important in getting your foot in the door and landing that interview, it also much important after the fact. Those who you list as references can sometimes make or break your chances of a job offer. Don’t make these common mistakes. Never […]

Weaving Volunteer Work in Your Resume

One in five employers hired a candidate because of their volunteer work.  While that doesn’t sound good, candidates need to add everything they can through Resume Writing to increase their chances of being hired.  Volunteer work is another way of making sure you’re the best candidate for the job. Volunteer work is an excellent way to […]

Resume Writing Tips You Need to Know to Get an Interview

With competition constantly growing in the job market, you want to make sure you do everything possible to set yourself aside from other potential employees. The best way to do this is by having a resume that will impress your future employer. According to a Huffington Post article, employers spend only 6 seconds on your […]

Sites offer free templates and general info on writing a resume for anyone looking for a job

In my experience, writing, rewriting and reviewing resumes, I have found that a number of very skilled individuals often do not have typical resumes. This may be a direct result of many years of services within one company, or prior positions that simply didn’t require a resume. Sometimes technical, military or public service individuals follow […]

Land Your Dream Job By Honing Your Resume Writing Skills

Gradcast would like to help you find the perfect job, but this can rarely be done without the perfect resume. So today we would like to offer advice regarding resume writing. According to About.Com there are three types of resumes chronological  functional, and combination. However any resume, no matter the format, is not complete without the following: Contact […]