10 Interviewing Tips for Anyone Looking for a job: Do It Right!

When preparing for an interview, it is important to know the company you are hoping to get a job with. Look them up online. Check out their profile on Linkedin. What are their values? Are they involved with community activities? If you show that you took the time to learn about them, they may feel […]

Interviewing Tips: 5 Things to NOT Do With Job Interview Thank You Notes

Of all the Interviewing Tips that are out there, some of the most important ones relate to the employers perception of you as a prospective employee. Writing thank you notes after an interview may seem like a waste of time but the impression it can give the employer of you is crucial.  It can be a great way […]

Utilize Social Media in Your Job Search

The internet is the easiest way to job hunt.  Jobs are at your fingertips.  With a resume and cover letter, you can apply to many jobs through their preferred method.  Along with online job boards, social media provides an outlet for job searching.  Here’s how to Utilize social media in your job search. Facebook Facebook […]

Interviewing Tips: 6 Lessons from First Dates

There are many reasons why employers may not hire you even when you’re a model interviewee.  You’ve crafted a dynamite resume, practiced answering the toughest questions, and even wrote your thank you letter in advance to avoid procrastination.  So despite your high level of preparation, why hasn’t the employer called you to offer a job? […]

After an Interview: Tips and Examples on How to Follow Up

During an interview, you promote yourself and your talents to a potential employer. But after the interview, you have even more chances to reinforce to the interviewer that you’re a great choice for the position.  Here are some tips and examples on how to follow up after an interview: First, make sure that you have the […]

Getting Ready: How to Prepare Yourself for an Amazing Interview

You did it. You pounded the pavement, pushed your resume into the hands of anyone who would take it, and called time and again to check on your application status. And you did it! Your hard work paid off, and you landed an interview. Now comes the tough part. You can feel the apprehension building […]

4 Tips: What do you do if you get stumped during an interview?

Interviews usually go well when you are prepared, but there’s also usually a moment where you’re just not sure what to say. What do you do if you get stumped during an interview? These tips will help you discover the fine art of second-guessing with professional style! #1: Ask for clarification – Employers often word […]

Resume Writing, how some small changes can get you that new job

Your resume is more often than not your first introduction to a potential employer. So getting resume writing right is of vital importance in order to enhance your likelihood of getting to the interview stage and, hopefully, get a job offer. Along those lines, U.S. News has six suggestions that could really enhance the impact […]

Interviewing Tips:Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Advice for job interviewing abounds, and much of it is focused on how to answer commonly asked questions during the interview. But there are some other interviewing tips you’ll want to think through: what questions you should ask the interviewer. A job interview will frequently end with the hiring manager or boss asking if you […]

How to Prepare for an Interview: Free Professional Attire So You Can Show Up Dressed for Success

Just about any advice you will ever receive on the subject of how to prepare for an interview will include tips on the importance of dressing professionally. But how are you supposed to show up dressed in professional clothing when the whole reason for the interview is that you don’t have a job at all or the […]

4 Job Interview Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer

#1: The Conflict Question – Employers love to ask potential employees how they have overcome conflict in the past. Sometimes employers will make this question job specific. Other times, they keep it general on purpose just to see your response. Regardless of the specificity, keep your answer professional. Even if you’ve never held a public […]

How to Follow-up After a Job Interview (Without Being Annoying)

So you’ve just finished another job interview, and you feel like you’ve aced it. Now what? This post will let you know the best ways to follow up after a job interview without being annoying. First–before you even walk out the door–ask what the next steps will be. This can relieve a great deal of […]

Reasons Employers will not tell you why they didn’t hire you

We often hear of common reasons why we don’t get the job, yet we never hear it from the employer’s mouth.  No job interviewer will ever tell potential candidates why someone else was chosen.  It’s easy to ask them why, but is the answer true or something to make you feel better?  The Reasons Employers will […]

Nobody Will Hire Me…What am I Doing Wrong?

top reasons why companies won’t hire you?  A magic formula that you can address, apply to yourself and reverse your fortune? Okay, yes, every hiring decision may be different in some way. And, no, there may not be any actual list of reasons for not hiring a person that the head of Human Resources can check […]

Remain Positive During Periods of Unemployment

Looking for work when you are unemployed is a cycle everyone goes through.  Whether you are Finding your first Job, been unemployed for a while, or suddenly lost your job, there is no substitute…we must stay positive.  However, it is tough to stay positive when there is so much negative energy surrounding you.  If you […]

A Proofreading Service is a Must for Self-Marketing

A professional looking social media site, website, or document isn’t complete without proofreading.  Placing documents online is going to catch a lot of eyes, and these eyes are going to spot any grammar or spelling mistakes on the site.  Bad English composition is going to ruin strategies involving Marketing yourself, social network, to find a job and […]

Resume Writing: Listing Achievements Rather than Responsibilities

Daily Writing Tips has a pretty good series of suggestions on resume writing. Let’s focus on item 13, “Achievements instead of responsibilities.” Many people when listing what their roles were at previous places of employment will simply list what their job titles and maybe a brief sentence of their responsibilities. For example: Programmer/Analyst with responsibility […]

It’s Not All About your Answers: Interviewing Tips for Memorable Interactions

There is a lot of focus on questions an interviewer will ask you, and the best way to answer them. What’s less discussed, and just as important, are the questions you ask the interviewer. Asking poignant questions during an interview could be what makes you stand out when there are many qualified candidates. Consider these tips […]

5 Reference Errors you can’t Afford to Make

Crafting the perfect resume is crucial to job success. Not only is it important in getting your foot in the door and landing that interview, it also much important after the fact. Those who you list as references can sometimes make or break your chances of a job offer. Don’t make these common mistakes. Never […]

Weaving Volunteer Work in Your Resume

One in five employers hired a candidate because of their volunteer work.  While that doesn’t sound good, candidates need to add everything they can through Resume Writing to increase their chances of being hired.  Volunteer work is another way of making sure you’re the best candidate for the job. Volunteer work is an excellent way to […]

What You Don’t Want to do During an Interview

Knowing what to not do during an interview might just make the difference in whether or not you get that job! Having the experience and background necessary for a position is important of course, but how you present yourself is also incredibly important. Here on some tips on what to avoid doing and saying at your interview! […]

What Employers Specifically Look for During an Interview

Many articles focus on what you need to do to prepare, ace and what to wear for the interview.  Employers, on the other hand, have one goal in mind:  to find the right employee.  As many interviewees will mention, training for the interview is not the same as being in one.  It’s hard to read […]

The Fine Art of Quitting

Twenty-five year old Marina Shifrin quit her job recently. For Ms. Shifrin, a former of employee of Taiwanese animation company Next Media Generation, the traditional process of separation that includes a polite letter of resignation apparently failed to fit the bill. Instead, Ms. Shifrin sent a very powerful message to her employer — and to the world.  […]

Job Market (DOL) Statistics for HVAC/R: Salary Information

When the air-conditioning goes out or the heater starts blowing hot air in the middle of summer, it’s time to call heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, also known as technicians. They keep climate control systems in working order. Their training can come from post-secondary programs that last from six months to two years, or from […]

Blinn College speaks about Gradcast.com

Kynsie Benefield spoke on behalf of Gradcast.com at the request of Gradcast.com’s Director of Business Development Bill Brooks during the TACTE Conference on April 5th 2017 at the Southpark Omni in Austin. Kynsie reported to the group of 200 plus Texas Career and Technical administrators and educators that the results from Gracast.com had resulted in […]

Resume Writing Style Choices to Highlight Strengths and Downplay Weaknesses

Effective resume writing is not some one-size-fits-all concept that affords the same experience to every person looking for a job regardless of experience, education or employment requirements. A variety of resume styles are available that can be exploited by those bringing specific strengths to the job hunt while downplaying specific weaknesses in your history. The corporate middle […]